Pet Assisted Therapy

The GSDC is one of only two dog clubs in Singapore with a PAT programme. PAT (Pet Assisted Therapy) is a community programme made up of caring dog owners who seek to share the unconditional love and affection of their dogs with the less privileged in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and children's homes etc.

Research and experience has shown that giving and sharing the love and therapeutic value of our dogs can significantly improve humans' physical and emotional health. Unfortunate people who are in a difficult life situation will especially benefit from PAT visits. Petting or hugging a dog, or just being around PAT dogs have been shown to lower blood pressure in humans. Dogs can often reach out to people when human relationships may be difficult.

GSDC's pet assisted therapy programme first took off in the 1990's but was discontinued due to lack of volunteers. In December 2002 the programme was resurrected and injected with new life under the leadership of our member, Charlie Ho.

Under Charlie's leadership, the GSDC took the bold step of adopting its very own PAT in the form of Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled (BHID). Volunteers from Therapy Dogs Singapore TDS have combined efforts with the GSDC and have lent strong support to us by jointly visiting BHID on the last Saturday of every month.

How to Join us

Volunteers and their dog(s) of sound temperament are most welcome to join our PAT programme. Please review the conditions and complete the form and return it to us at your convenience.

- Complete the form and tell us about yourself and your dog(s)
- Your dog(s) have to undergo a PAT Aptitute Test and Temperament Test
- Your dog(s) must be at least or more than 6 months old
- All dog owners should be in full control of their charge .
- We strongly encourage all owners doing therapy work in institutions to obtain some form of pet insurance that covers third party liability.

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Please note that each and every dog owner will be fully responsible for his charge(s) and GSDC will not be held responsible or liable in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.


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