Our Training Philosophy

Very often, we are asked if we use positive of negative training. Do we use choke chains, do we use food, clickers, electronic collars etc. We are also asked whether our training methods are suitable for other, especially smaller breeds of dogs.

Our answer is simple. We use a wide variety of training methods – but more importantly we use them correctly.

Dogs like humans are different. Some are smart and some are not. Some dogs are so naturally gifted that training is in their genes. Others are plain stubborn. Some are active, outgoing, quick and eager to learn. Others are lazy, shy and would just rather be left alone. There are dogs which are aggressive and will do anything to show their owner and anyone else who is boss. Others will wilt at the first harsh word and will cringe in fear to avoid a correction. Our experience tells us no two dogs are the same.

Bearing this in mind, we understand that no one training method can be applied to all dogs. Even if the same method is used (i.e. choker chain), it has to be applied and used to suit the individual dog’s temperament, behaviour and tolerance for punishment. Our training philosophy is to use the most appropriate method for each dog – bearing in mind its age, temperament, breed, size and the objective of training.

Our puppy classes use only treats and toys as an incentive for the dog to perform. At the K9 Good citizen, we start off most dogs with the leash and choker collar. Food, toys and motivational techniques are still retained along with praise to reward the dog's performance.

When it comes to problem behaviour, we are willing to use all methods to get the job done. This is however always discussed with the owner before any particular method is applied. Some behaviours are so serious that if left uncorrected, can endanger both the owner and the dog. For example, a dog which has a habit of running off once the lead is removed or charging out of an open gate will be prone to getting killed by a car if it dashes onto a road. So too, a dog which is too dominant, aggressive and even vicious can cause serious harm to both humans and other dogs if such behaviour remains uncorrected.

At the end of the day – we will work with dog owners to ensure that they and their dogs receive the training which they are comfortable with, and which will give them maximum results.


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