June Seminar Pt 2

Angie: Dog trainer, Animal Behaviorist and Book Author
Angie was born and grew up in Dresden, Germany. In her childhood she loved to assist her uncle, when he trained hunting dogs. Today Angie is specialized to train behavior damaged dogs, coaches the staff of Security-companies, and works in schools to educate kids about dogs. Angie gives workshops and writes books about dog behavior. But she also helps people to overcome their Kynophobia (fear of dogs). Although she lives in Bali, Angie works in Germany, Jakarta, Singapore and other Asian places.

Q: What is an animal behaviorist?
A: It is somebody who can analyze, unravel, and modify the temperament and characteristic of an animal. I am able to encourage timid dogs, calm down hyperactive dogs, or reduce the severity of aggressive dogs.

Q: What is the best age to train a dog?
A: Best time to start is at 8 weeks of age. Between 8-16 weeks the brain of a dog has the biggest learning capacity. But, also a ten year old dog is still able to learn.

Q: Which is your favorite dog breed?
: Unexceptional, the Bali street dog. I love them. Their intelligence is above-average. I have three street-dogs and one Dalmatian. My street-dogs close the door when coming into a room, pull my socks off, collect toys into a box, or walk slalom through my legs. My Dalmatian cannot do any of those tasks.

Q: What is your biggest challenge?
A: If I can transform a revolting devil into a loving angel... Dogs are highly intelligent, social, but shy animals. It is amazing if a being of that species trusts, respects and follows us. Nothing in life is more rewarding than a wagging tail and the happy shine in a dog’s eyes. If my students welcome me happy and excited, I know I did it right.

Q: Did you ever meet untrainable dogs?
A: No, if a dog does not understand our intention, it is humans fault. If your dog refuses to learn, change the trainer!

Q: What is important for you?

  • Hopefully, people discover the gold in the temper of Bali-dogs before they are all starved, slaughtered or extirpated. 
  • That all Vets follow the international ban of ear cropping and tail docking. It causes the dogs a lifelong phantom-pain which leads to behavior problems and aggression. Dog lovers should refuse buying dogs with cropped ears or tail!
  • To find a publisher who translates and publishes my books in Asia, so the people here can learn about their dogs feelings and motivations.

Q: When did you start training dogs?
A: I started 27 years ago in the VDH (the German Dog Association) training Bronco, my first German Shepherd, for K9/SchH exams.

Q: Why did you decide to become a professional Trainer?
: It happened because Bronco was totally out of control. He obeyed my commands excellent, and reached all exams. But his behavior was absolutely frustrating. He pulled me to the park like a Husky his sled. He attacked other dogs, and was jealous if friends visited me.
I was upset and annoyed about his behavior. He ruined my dreams of having a well mannered, reliable companion like ‘Lassie’…
I started to watch endless documentaries about free living wolves and Dingos, visited hands-on seminars, read every book about the science of dog behavior. Finally, beside my ordinary job (Hotel-Management) I enrolled to a college for animal science and behavior.
It didn’t take a long time, and Bronco became the well behaved, trustworthy dog that I always wanted.
As other people recognized the change in Bronco, they asked me to help them as well.

Q: Are you a “Dog-Whisperer”?
A: Honestly, I never whisper with dogs. I either use my normal voice, or I don’t speak at all. I mainly use my Aura, body language and eye contact. Because that is the only language dogs can interpret and reciprocate.

Q: Do you have a special training method?
A: Yes, I developed breathtaking new training solutions, which respect a dog’s natural interactions and behavior patterns, based on three pillars: Silence-Discipline-Affection. This helps me to approach unmanageable dogs. 

Q: What are unmanageable dogs?
A: Dogs which are out of control, like my Bronco years ago. They can be hyperactive, timid, or even aggressive. Many dog owners have been ready to put their dogs down, but called me as a last alternative. Their dogs attacked each other, never came when called, or damaged their house and belongings. During training, the temperament of such dogs changed enormously, finaly they behaved calm and relaxed. Most people cannot believe how easy and fast it works. The only secret is, to handle dogs in an appropriate manner, which they can admit. Surely their personality will change within few days; suddenly you have the dog you want...

Q: What are you teaching within such a short time?
A: That depends on the problem. I chiefly help dogs to build a bridge of trust and respect toward their owners. And I show owners the way to their dogs heart. After eight training sessions you have a marvelous dog that adores you, listens to you, and is a pleasure to be with. My goal is not, to make dogs acting like brainless automats, as you press a button and yell “Sit!” Instead, I am helping you to create a healthy human-dog-relationship; A deep bond based on mutual trust and respect, to turn your dog into the companion you deserve...

“Give me 8 hours of your time, and I show you how to get your dog to do anything you want - Guaranteed!”

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